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Indonesian Space Sciences & Technology School

Indonesian Space Sciences & Technology School


"Experiments In The Cosmos, Because Our Laboratory is Universe"


1. Menjadi Sekolah Sains Teknologi Cyber Keantariksaan dan Kedirgantaraan Terdepan di Indonesia

2. Melahirkan Generasi Impian yang Selalu Bertafakur, Bertadabur dan Bertasayakur terhadap Keseimbangan Semesta yang Telah Tercipta

Complete Apollo spacecraft: Command Module, Service Module, Lunar Module, Launch Escape System, Spacecraft LM Adapter
The Apollo spacecraft was composed of five combined parts designed to accomplish the American Apollo program's goal of landing astronauts on the Moon by 1970 and returning them safely to Earth. The spacecraft was made up of (from top to bottom) the Launch Escape System, the Command Module, the Service Module, and the Lunar Module inside the Spacecraft Lunar Module Adapter. These components were assembled atop launch vehicles including the Saturn I and Saturn IB (earth orbit checkout missions), and the Saturn V (primarily lunar landing missions).

The design was based on the Lunar Orbit Rendezvous approach: two docked spacecraft were sent to the Moon and went into lunar orbit. While one separated and landed, the other remained in orbit. The two craft later rendezvoused and docked in lunar orbit, and one spacecraft returned the crew to Earth.

Apollo Lunar Missions

Apollo 8

Launched 21 December 1968
Lunar Orbit and Return
Returned to Earth 27 December 1968

Apollo 10

Launched 18 May 1969
Lunar Orbit and Return
Returned to Earth 26 May 1969

Apollo 11

Launched 16 July 1969
Landed on Moon 20 July 1969
Sea of Tranquility
Returned to Earth 24 July 1969

Apollo 12

Launched 14 November 1969
Landed on Moon 19 November 1969
Ocean of Storms
Returned to Earth 24 November 1969

Apollo 13

Launched 11 April 1970
Lunar Flyby and Return
Malfunction forced cancellation of lunar landing
Returned to Earth 17 April 1970

Apollo 14

Launched 31 January 1971
Landed on Moon 5 February 1971
Fra Mauro
Returned to Earth 9 February 1971

Apollo 15

Launched 26 July 1971
Landed on Moon 30 July 1971
Hadley Rille
Returned to Earth 7 August 1971

Apollo 16

Launched 16 April 1972
Landed on Moon 20 April 1972
Returned to Earth 27 April 1972

Apollo 17

Launched 07 December 1972
Landed on Moon 11 December 1972
Returned to Earth 19 December 1972
The Apollo mission consisted of a Command Module (CM) and a Lunar Module (LM). The CM and LM would separate after lunar orbit insertion. One crew member would stay in the CM, which would orbit the Moon, while the other two astronauts would take the LM down to the lunar surface. After exploring the surface, setting up experiments, taking pictures, collecting rock samples, etc., the astronauts would return to the CM for the journey back to Earth.

Apollo Crewed Earth Orbiting Missions

Apollo 7

Launched 11 October 1968
First crewed Apollo flight
Splashdown 22 October 1968

Apollo 9

Launched 03 March 1969
First crewed Lunar Module test
Splashdown 13 March 1969

The Apollo 1 Launch Pad Accident

Apollo 1

27 January 1967
Tragic Loss of Three Apollo Astronauts

Apollo/Saturn Uncrewed Earth Orbiting Missions


Launched 29 January 1964
First Block II Saturn launch


Launched 28 May 1964
First Apollo boilerplate model


Launched 18 September 1964
Apollo boilerplate model

SA-9/Pegasus 1

Launched 16 February 1965
Apollo boilerplate model and micrometeoroid satellite

SA-8/Pegasus 2

Launched 25 May 1965
Apollo boilerplate model and micrometeoroid satellite

SA-10/Pegasus 3

Launched 30 July 1965
Apollo boilerplate model and micrometeoroid satellite


Launched 5 July 1966
First S-IVB stage orbital mission

Apollo 4

Launched 9 November 1967
First all-up launch of Saturn V

Apollo 5

Launched 22 January 1968
First test of Lunar Module in space

Apollo 6

Launched 4 April 1968
Final uncrewed Apollo test flight

Apollo/Saturn Uncrewed Suborbital Flights


Launched 27 October 1961
First flight of Saturn 1


Launched 25 April 1962
Project High Water I


Launched 16 November 1962
Project High Water II


Launched 28 March 1963
Engine-out capability test


Launched 26 February 1966
First flight of Saturn 1B


Launched 25 August 1966
Apollo development flight