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"Marilah buat hidup kita sempurna dan membuat hidup orang-orang disekitar kita bahagia, karena ini akan menjadikan hidup kita bermanfaat,  masalah bukan untuk dihindari karena masalah akan membuat hidup kita kuat"


Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics 



 Lecture 8 - Introduction to Black Holes


The second half of the course begins, focusing on black holes and relativity. In introducing black holes, Professor Bailyn offers a definition, talks about how their existence is detected, and explains why (unlike in the case with exoplanets where Newtonian physics was applied) Einstein's Theory of Relativity is now required when studying black holes. The concepts of escape and circular velocity are introduced. A number of problems are worked out and students learn how to calculate an object's escape velocity. A historical overview is offered of our understanding and discovery of black holes in the context of stellar evolution.

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