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"Jika Hidup ini seumpama rel kereta api dalam eksperimen relativitas, maka pengalaman demi pengalaman yang mengempur kita dari waktu ke waktu adalah cahaya yang melesat-lesat di dalam gerebong di atas rel itu. Relativitasnya berupa seberapa banyak kita dapat mengambil pelajaran dari pengalaman yang melesat-lesat itu, maka analoginya adalah jika pengalaman yang sama dapat menimpa siapa saja, namun sejauh mana dan secepat apa pengalaman itu memberi pelajaran pada seseorang, hasilnya akan berbeda, relatif satu sama lain."

~Andrea H.~

 Lecture 10 - Tests of Relativity





The lecture begins with the development of post-Newtonian approximations from Newtonian terms. Several problems are worked out in calculating mass, force and energy. A discussion follows about how concepts like mass and velocity are approached differently in Newtonian physics and Relativity. Attention then turns to the discovery that space and time change near the speed of light, and how this realization affected Einstein's theories. Finally, the possibility of traveling faster than the speed of light is addressed, including how physicists might predict from laboratory conditions how this might occur. Muons, unstable particles that form at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere, are used as an example.

Problem sets/Reading assignment:

Thorne, Kip S. "Wormholes." In Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy. New York: W.W. Norton, 1994.

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