Saturday, 27 April 2013

E-Learning Untuk Ilmuwan Nuklir Pemula

Bangsa ini harus memiliki Ilmu Pengetahuan Nuklir yang Kuat 

Mari Kita Melaksanakan pendidikan, penelitian, pengembangan dan penerapan energi nuklir

Segenap kegiatan pegembangan IPTEK nuklir dilandasi nilai-nilai :
  • Visionary, Innovative, Excellent dan Accountable
  • Kejujuran, Kedisiplinan, Keterbukaan, Tanggungjawab, Kreatif dan Kesetiakawanan

Is your country considering nuclear power? 

The IAEA is here to help! 

We have created an interactive e-learning series explaining the IAEA’s Milestones Approach to introducing a nuclear power programme. 

This approach is based on three phases and covers the 19 infrastructure issues that need to be addressed, and brings decades of expertise to life. 

Both newcomers and those expanding their nuclear power programmes may benefit from the e-learning series.

Implementing a Nuclear Power Programme
is an introduction and overview of
nuclear power infrastructure development

Who benefits? 

The e-learning modules target a variety of stakeholders in Member States interested in or embarking on a nuclear power programme:

Decision makers, advisers and senior managers in governmental organizations, regulatory bodies, utilities and industries, as well as donors, suppliers and other related bodies.

Students, academics and researchers in the nuclear field may better understand the "big picture" of developing nuclear power programmes.

Those involved in expanding existing nuclear power programmes may also find the modules a valuable resource.

Whatever your role or interest in your country's nuclear power programme, this e-learning will further you knowledge and understanding.

 Developing a Human Resource Strategy
focuses on human resources management,
a crucial element of a nuclear power programme


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