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Indonesian Space Sciences & Technology School

Indonesian Space Sciences & Technology School


"Experiments In The Cosmos, Because Our Laboratory is Universe"


1. Menjadi Sekolah Sains Teknologi Cyber Keantariksaan dan Kedirgantaraan Terdepan di Indonesia

2. Melahirkan Generasi Impian yang Selalu Bertafakur, Bertadabur dan Bertasayakur terhadap Keseimbangan Semesta yang Telah Tercipta

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Rocket Index

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Here is a list of all the topics available from the Beginner's Guide to Rockets web site. Clicking on the title will deliver a page with a slide and a scientific explanation of the contents. Pages containing "Animated" graphics, or "Interactive" calculators and graphics, are noted in red. "Simulation" pages are also noted in red and contain Java applets which solve the equations described on other pages at the site.. If the number and variety of pages seems too intimidating, consider taking one of our Guided Tours through the web site. 

Another method for reaching students, teachers and lifelong learners is the use of Distance Learning. While preparing presentations for students, many Power Point files have been developed for the Digital Learning Network

using information from the BGR. Students and teachers are encouraged to copy the Power Point files to their own computers and to modify them as desired for their own presentations.

Forces on a Rocket
Rocket Thrust
Rocket Weight
Rocket Aerodynamics

RocketModeler II Simulator
Basic Rocket Motion
Rocket Translations
Ideal Rocket Equation
Free Fall (weight - no drag)
Determine Maximum Altitude..Interactive**
Altitude Equation Derivation
Graphical Maximum Altitude
Effects of Weather Cocking

Rocket Rotations
Roll Motion ..Animated
Pitch Motion ..Animated
Weather Cocking
Rocket Stability
Stability Conditions
Rocket Control
Gimbaled Thrust..Animated .Interactive**

Air Rockets..Animated..Interactive** 
Typical Flight of Air Rocket
Air Rocket Launch..Interactive**
Ballistic Flight ..Interactive**
Terminal Velocity ..Interactive** 
Flight with Drag..Interactive** 
Ballistic Flight Calculator 

Water Rockets 
Typical Flight of Water Rocket
Whoosh Rocket 
About Water Rockets 
Start Your Journey 
Educator Section 
Rocket Safety 
More Simulators 

Model Rockets
Typical Flight of a Model Rocket
Model Rocket Engine
Rocket Engine Performance...Animated
Rocket Engine Designation
Model Rocket Safety

Rocket Parts
Structural System
Payload System
Propulsion System
Guidance System
Flight to Orbit..Interactive**
Solid Rocket Engine
Liquid Rocket Engine
Model Rockets and Real Rockets
Gallery of Rockets

General Thrust Equation
Rocket Thrust Equation
Mass Flow Rate
Area Ratio A/A* ..Interactive**
Airflow per Area..Interactive**
Thrust Equations Summary
Nozzle Design
Specific Impulse
Rocket Thrust Simulator

Weight Equation
Mass Ratios
Model Rocket Weight
Rocket Center of Gravity
Generalized Center of Gravity
Booster Staging..Interactive**

Aerodynamic Forces
Rocket Center of Pressure
Generalized Center of Pressure
Factors That Affect Aerodynamics
Density Effects
Velocity Effects
Shape Effects on Drag
Size Effects on Drag
Drag Equation
Drag Coefficient
Lift Equation
Lift Coefficient

Conservation of Mass
Conservation of Momentum
Conservation of Energy
Newton's Laws of Motion 
Newton's First Law 
Newton's Second Law 
Newton's Third Law 
States of Matter 
Torques (Moments)

Scalars and Vectors
Comparing Two Scalars - Ratio
Comparing Two Vectors
Vector Components
Vector Addition
Ratios in Triangles
Pythagorean Theorem..Interactive**

Air Properties Definitions
Earth Atmosphere Equations - English
Earth Atmosphere Equations - Metric
Mars Atmosphere Equations - English
Mars Atmosphere Equations - Metric
Atmospheric Effects Simulator

Navier-Stokes Equations
Euler Equations
Bernoulli's Equation
Similarity Parameters
Dynamic Pressure
Boundary Layer
Mach Number ..Interactive**
Speed of Sound ..Interactive**
Mach-Speed of Sound Calculator
Isentropic Flow ..Interactive**
Isentropic Flow Calculator
Mach Angle ..Interactive**
Centered Expansion ..Interactive**
Prandtl-Meyer Angle ..Interactive**
Oblique Shock Wave..Interactive**
Normal Shock Wave..Interactive**
Shock Simulator
Crossed Shock Waves..Interactive**
Reflected Shock Waves..Interactive**
Multiple Shocks and Expansions 

Gas Properties Definitions
Gas Pressure
Gas Temperature
Gas Density
Specific Volume
Equation of State (Ideal Gas)
Boyle's Law ..Animated**
Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law Animated
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Animated Gas Lab

What is Thermodynamics?
Zeroth Law - Thermal Equilibrium
First Law - Internal Energy
Second Law - Entropy
Specific Heat- Cp & Cv
Heat Transfer
Entropy of a Gas
Work Done by a Gas
Isentropic Compression 

Introduction and Teacher's Guide
History of Rockets
Rocket Principles
Practical Rocketry
Knowledge Game
Rocket Classroom Activities

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