Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Indonesian Aerospace Industries Association

The government frequently seeks advice from IAIA on issues, and IAIA provides a forum for government and industry representatives to exchange views and resolve problems on non-competitive matters related to the aerospace industry.

In the future, more than 100 major aerospace and defense companies are members of the association, embodying every high-technology manufacturing segment of the Indoneisa aerospace and defense industry from commercial aviation and avionics, to manned and unmanned defense systems, to space technologies and satellite communications.

IAIA's Mission

The Aerospace Industries Association of Indonesia, Inc. shapes public policy that ensures the Indonesia aerospace, defense, and homeland security industry remains preeminent and that its members are successful and profitable in a changing global market.

IAIA is the voice of the aerospace, defense, and homeland security industry, representing the nation’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of civil, military, and business aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, space systems, aircraft engines, missiles, materiel, and related components, equipment, services, and information technology.

Serving its members and the nation, IAIA establishes industry goals and strategies, achieving consensus among its members and national and global stakeholders and implementing solutions to industry-wide issues related to national and homeland security, civil aviation, and space.

IAIA's Vision

IAIA is the Indonesia aerospace, defense, and homeland security industry’s bridge to the future, uniting all industry segments in the global marketplace of the 21st century.

As a highly visible, proactive, and solution-oriented organization, IAIA is recognized and trusted by its members, industry, government, the international community, the news media, and the public as the premier organization representing the Indonesia aerospace, defense, and homeland security industry and its collective interests.

Our Guiding Principles

The Aerospace Industries Association of Indonesia, Inc. will:
  1. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  2. Commit to seeking consensus positions on all issues of importance to our entire membership while maintaining free and open discussion and ensuring all views are heard.
  3. Communicate to all audiences openly, clearly, promptly, and honestly.
  4. Meet the challenges of a global aerospace, defense, and homeland security industry.
  5. Enhance and promote flight safety and security as the foundation for maintaining the public’s trust in the aviation system.
  6. Develop and maintain partnerships and coalitions with government and national and global stakeholders who share our goals to identify solutions, achieve change, and maximize efficient use of resources.
  7. Maintain excellence through leadership and the quality of our actions, services, relationships, and knowledge of the issues.
  8. Ensure an equal opportunity environment and value the strength diversity brings to our workforce.
  9. Serve the entire membership according to the association bylaws and the direction of the Board of Governors.
  10. Encourage industry programs that are designed to reduce environmental impacts and enhance worker health.

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