Thursday, 14 October 2010

Sekolah Pendidikan Robotika Indonesia

"Murid yang dipersenjatai dengan informasi Akan selalu memenangkan pertempuran"
(Meladee McCarty)

Participants who are interested in submitting or being featured in a video must register before November 12th in order for a submitted video to be eligible. Once participants have received notification that they have been officially registered, participants will have till December 31st to submit a video entry to the website. NASA will screen each video submission for content and will notify the participant if their submission is accepted for inclusion in the contest. Videos will be available for public viewing throughout the submission period, but voting will not be accepted until the specified voting period. Voting will open on December 31st, 2010 and remain open through January 31st, 2011. The top 5 videos in each grade category (grades 3-5 and grades 6-8) will then be evaluated and ranked by NASA based on the criteria below. The winner(s) will be notified by February 28th, 2011.

NASA Spinoff Technologies

Did you know that space technology is all around you? The heart defibrillator your grandparents might have or the memory foam mattress you sleep on at night, or even the purified water you drink at your house are all technologies developed by NASA engineers, scientists and innovators. NASA is required to share its technologies with the public. The public then can take these technologies and make them into something that you can use around your house, at school or even on the road. These are known as spinoffs.

In 1976, NASA wanted to put all these great stories about spinoffs in a book that the public could read about. Since then, over 1,600 stories have been written about spinoffs. If you want to read more about these stories, the history of spinoffs and the impact space technology has made on you, please visit Spinoff.

Vehicles used as the stand-ins for the robots in the film Transformers line up in front of an F-22A Raptor. The vehicles were on a military base to shoot several scenes for the film. Top: Starscream. Middle: Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Ratchet, Barricade. Bottom: Bumblebee, Jazz.

Pilihan Teknologi

Electrolyte Concentrates Treat Dehydration
Star-Mapping Tools Enable Tracking of Endangered Animals
Mobile Instruments Measure Atmospheric Pollutants
Insulating Foams Save Money, Increase Safety
Cloud Imagers Offer New Details on Earth's Health
Thermal Insulation Strips Conserve Energy
Telemetry Boards Interpret Rocket, Airplane Engine Data
Polyimide Resins Resist Extreme Temperatures
Robots Save Soldiers' Lives Overseas
Chlorophyll Meters Aid Plant Nutrient Management
Tensile Fabrics Enhance Architecture Around the World
Robust Light Filters Support Powerful Imaging Devices
Thermoelectric Devices Cool, Power Electronics
Innovative Tools Advance Revolutionary Weld Technique
Methods Reduce Cost, Enhance Quality of Nanotubes
Sensors Locate Radio Interference
Phase Change Fabrics Control Temperature
Modeling Languages Refine Vehicle Design
Tools Lighten Designs, Maintain Structural Integrity
Software Tools Streamline Project Management
Programs Automate Complex Operations Monitoring
Antennas Lower Cost of Satellite Access
Apollo-Era Life Rafts Save Hundreds of Sailors
Satellite-Respondent Buoys Identify Ocean Debris
Gauging Systems Monitor Cryogenic Liquids
Air Purifiers Eliminate Pathogens, Preserve Food
Voltage Sensors Monitor Harmful Static
Compact Instruments Measure Heat Potential
Radio Relays Improve Wireless Products
'Anti-Gravity' Treadmills Speed Rehabilitation
Crew Management Processes Revitalize Patient Care
Hubble Systems Optimize Busy Hospital Schedules
Web-Based Programs Assess Cognitive Fitness
Surface Operations Systems Improve Airport Efficiency
Nontoxic Resins Advance Aerospace Manufacturing
Circuits Enance Scientific Instruments and Safety Devices
Tough Textiles Protect Payloads and Public Safety Officers
Fabrics Protect Sensitive Skin from UV Rays
Tiny Devices Project Sharp, Colorful Images
Image-Capture Devices Extend Medicine's Reach
Medical Devices Assess, Treat Balance Disorders
NASA Bioreactors Advance Disease Treatments
Robotics Algorithms Provide Nutritional Guidelines
Sensors Provide Early Warning of Biological Threats
Forecasting Tools Point to Fishing Hotspots
Nanofiber Filters Eliminate Contaminants
Modeling Innovations Advance Wind Energy Industry
Feature Detection Systems Enhance Satellite Imagery
Advanced Sensors Boost Optical Communication, Imaging



Peterbilt 379 used in Transformers, portraying the Autobot Optimus Prime.

Chevrolet Camaro in Transformers, portraying the Autobot Bumblebee.

Pontiac Solstice portraying the Autobot Jazz

GMC Topkick, portraying the Autobot Ironhide.


 Dengan Perkembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi yang semakin pesat, hemat saya sekitar 100 tahun Kedepan FIKSI-ILMIAH Transformers dapat diwujudkan semoga!.