Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Stochastic background from inspiralling double neutron stars

By: Tania Regimbau
Observatoire de la Cˆote d’Azur,
BP 429 06304 Nice (France).

(Dated: February 4, 2008)

We review the contribution of extra galactic inspiralling double neutron stars, to the LISA astrophysical gravitational wave foreground. Using recent fits of the star formation rate, we show that sources beyond z∗ = 0.005 contribute to a truly continuous background, which may dominate the LISA instrumental noise in the range3 ≃ 10−4- 1 × 10−2 Hz and overwhelm the galactic WD-WD confusion noise at frequencies larger
than νo ≃ 2 × 10−3
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