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Astrobiology and Space Exploration

"Keinginan umat manusia untuk menemukan kehidupan yang lebih indah di luar sana selalu mendorong kreativitasnya"
~Arip Nurahman~

4. Origins of Cell Membranes and the RNA-First Hypothesis


Stanford University Course


In January of 2011, David Deamer returned to lecture on his current publication Non-enzymatic transfer of sequence information under plausible prebiotic conditions, with Feliz Olasagasti et al, Biochemie (ePub Jan15, 2011) and review his previous work on the self-assembly of protocells, and single-strand RNA detection with a nanopore derived from staphylococcus.

Watch Professor Deamer’s latest lecture from January 2011playlist:
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Below you will find a list of recommended resources. If you would like to learn more about the Big Bang, check out these books, videos, and articles.

In February of 2009, David Deamer lectured on “Self-Assembly Processes and the Advent of Cellular Life” and was joined by Eric Devor, who lectured on “Genomic Dark Matter: The Emergence of Small RNAs.” You can view both of these lectures at the Astrobiology 2009 class of Stanford on iTunes

Eric Devor is affiliated with Integrated DNA Technologies and researches microRNA.

1. Stanford University

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