Monday, 3 June 2013

Ide Mendirikan JANR: Joint ASEAN for Nuclear Research

The Joint ASEAN for Nuclear Research (JINR) is an international intergovernmental scientific research organisation.

Visi: Menyatukan seluruh Pelajar dan Ilmuwan Nuklir di ASEAN.

Sekarang, ASEAN beranggotakan semua negara di Asia Tenggara (kecuali Papua Nugini . Berikut ini adalah negara-negara anggota ASEAN:

The aims of the Organization are: 

To carry out theoretical and experimental investigations on adopted scientific topics;

To organize the exchange of scientists in carrying out research, of ideas and information by publishing scientific papers, by organizing conferences, symposia etc;

To promote the development of intellectual and professional capabilities of scientific personnel;

To maintain contacts with other national and international scientific organizations and institutions to ensure the stable and mutually beneficial cooperation;

To use the results of investigations of applied character to provide supplementary financial sources for fundamental research by implementing them into industrial, medical and technological developments.



Dr. Petros Aslanyan, M.Sc. (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Rusia & Yerevan State University)

Semoga Bermanfaat.

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