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Mengenal Alat-Alat Penukar Kalor: Heat Exchanger

Suatu alat penting yang memiliki banyak aplikasi dalam engineering adalah alat penukar kalor. Alat penukar kalor digunakan untuk memindahkan energi dari sebuah benda panas ke benda yang lebih dingin atau ke lingkungannya melalui perpindahan kalor. 

Energi ditransfer dari gas-gas panas setelah terjadi pembakaran dalam sebuah pembangkit daya ke air yang mengalir di dalam pipa-pipa boiler dan dari air panas yg keluar dari sebuah mesin mobil ke atmosfer, dan generator-generator listrik didinginkan melalui air yg mengalir melalui saluran-saluran internal. 

Dalam Industri:

Heat exchangers are widely used in industry both for cooling and heating large scale industrial processes. The type and size of heat exchanger used can be tailored to suit a process depending on the type of fluid, its phase, temperature, density, viscosity, pressures, chemical composition and various other thermodynamic properties.

In many industrial processes there is waste of energy or a heat stream that is being exhausted, heat exchangers can be used to recover this heat and put it to use by heating a different stream in the process. This practice saves a lot of money in industry, as the heat supplied to other streams from the heat exchangers would otherwise come from an external source that is more expensive and more harmful to the environment.
Heat exchangers are used in many industries, including:
In waste water treatment, heat exchangers play a vital role in maintaining optimal temperatures within anaerobic digesters to promote the growth of microbes that remove pollutants. Common types of heat exchangers used in this application are the double pipe heat exchanger as well as the plate and frame heat exchanger.

Dalam Penerbangan:
In commercial aircraft heat exchangers are used to take heat from the engine's oil system to heat cold fuel. This improves fuel efficiency, as well as reduces the possibility of water entrapped in the fuel freezing in components.

Early 2008, a Boeing 777 flying as British Airways Flight 38 crashed just short of the runway. In an early-2009 Boeing-update sent to aircraft operators, the problem was identified as specific to the Rolls-Royce engine oil-fuel flow heat exchangers. Other heat exchangers, or Boeing 777 aircraft powered by GE or Pratt and Whitney engines, were not affected by the problem.

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