Saturday, 3 August 2013

Panggilan Hati Menjadi Seorang Guru

Teaching is a special calling. It is not a job well-suited to everyone. In fact, many new teachers leave within the first 3-5 years of teaching. However, there are many rewards that come with this oft maligned career.
Classroom of the Future: Enabling Imagination
Here are my top ten reasons why teaching can be a great profession. 
1. Student Potential 

2. Student Successes 

3. Teaching a Subject Helps You Learn a Subject 

4. Daily Humor

5. Affecting the Future 

6. Staying Younger 

7. Autonomy in the Classroom

8. Conducive to Family Life 

9. Job Security 

10. Many Holidays  He.,.He.,.He.,.

1. Harvard Graduate School of Education
2. Super Teacher
3. Arip Nurahman Notes
4. Indonesia University of Education
5. HP Corporation

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